Maintenance Mechanic

Posted Date: 2018-11-08

Job Location

8455 CR 474
Clermont, FL 34711

Job Description

Position will perform all type of mechanical jobs as well as welding & cutting functions throughout the plant, mine site and dredge. Mechanical jobs include repairs on the existing equipment and machinery and/or installation of new pieces of equipment and structures needed for the normal operation of the plant and dredge. This position will assist all location as needed. Must be willing to travel. Pay: Overtime and Shift Differential pay for nights and weekends. Per diem when traveling. Benefits: Health Insurance, Paid Vacation, 401(k) Matching, Dental and Vision Insurance, Life Insurance, Profit Sharing and Safety Bonuses. Schedule:Employee will most likely be required to work long extended hours, shift work (days, afternoons, or nights), and weekend shifts, as required. Environment: This position operates an outdoors environment. Exposed to dust, heat, humidity, fumes, cold and dampness when working outside. This position interfaces, on a daily basis, with the rest of the operations at this location or possibly at other plant locations. The employee holding this job must perform the work activities in a correct, accurate and timely fashion the first time, due to the fact that every single work activity in our line of business is crucial for the whole operation.

Job Requirements

Actively Promote E.R. Jahna’s Standards of Safety, People, Quality, Delivery and Cost.

Mechanics job include the following:

  • Perform mechanical work and repairs on the plant machinery
  • Evaluate and coordinate mechanical needs, repairs and modifications
  • Procuring and moving parts, material, equipment and necessary tools
  • Operating forklift, hoist or crane during repairs
  • Assist and perform emergency repairs throughout the plant, dredge, and sand mine
  • Uses bars, calipers, gauges, precision instruments, hands tools and wrenches
  • Weld, cut and grind as part of the repair process

Maintenance work includes the following:

  • Inspect equipment reported malfunctioning, including mechanical equipment and carry out required repairs as needed
  • Maintain necessary maintenance records
  • Prevent damage to machinery, equipment to determine what repairs are needed
  • Ability to inspect mechanical equipment to determine what repairs are needed
  • Ability to direct personnel under him in executing and assign task
  • Responsible for maintenance a clean and safe workplace, including company vehicle and tools
  • Maintain a tool inventory on a daily basis

Marginal job functions:

  • Replace or assist other workers as needed or directed
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by supervisor or Lead Person

Qualifications Standards:

  • Prior maintenance mechanic experience required.
  • Welding experience a plus.
  • Prior experience with plants, conveyors, pumps and heavy equipment.
  • Willingness to be cross trained on Mining equipment

Note: The Company reserves the right to change or reassign job duties or combine positions at any time.

Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Individual must possess knowledge, skills, and abilities or be able to demonstrate that the individual can perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodations, using some combination of skills and abilities.

The minimum knowledge’s, skills, and abilities for this position are:

Ability to carry out not only simple, but also complex oral and written instructions and deal with problems from standardized situations and work experience.
Good mathematical skills, including basic math, fractions and conversions of four-five digit numbers and common units of measurement in both metric and decimal systems.
Ability to read and understand English sufficiently to be able to read technical information contained in manuals, reports, and mechanical work and related instructions, including safety issues.
Ability to communicate effectively with supervisors, mechanics, lead person, welders, mechanics and maintenance personnel, co-workers, and outside contractors.
Lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling and/or moving of 75 pounds and over, with frequent lifting and/or carrying odd shaped objects weighing up to 75 pounds of force constantly to move objects.
Electrical and mechanical knowledge to detect potential safety hazards and breakdown of plant and sand mine machinery and equipment and respond accordingly.
Ability to operate standard and automatic welding machines and equipment, and powered mechanic tools. Ability to cut, and mount fabricated components needed to repair equipment.
Ability to identify and select the appropriate material and equipment necessary to perform the correct mechanical work and repair.
Ability to comprehend additional training in relation to the performing of the work duties.
Ability to develop other technical and management skills for future promotion.
High level of attentiveness and physical coordination to perform the work activities safely and productivity.
Physical demands:

Most of the work tasks (80+%) are performed outdoors and subject to environmental and weather condition changes.

Hours: 8 to 12 hours per day.

Week: 40 to 60+ hours per week, sometimes more.

Lunch: As a time permits during shift, does not have a break period designated as lunchtime.


Sits 25% of the time-in an awkward position and not in the normal sitting position, such as sitting in a chair. Stands 75% of the time.

Physical tasks:

Must climb and work at heights over 100 feet.
Must climb ladders based 100 feet above ground, to work on conveyors, bins, dredge gantries, cyclone towers, etc.
Must lift heavy weights while performing work. Frequently, the lifting is done from unusual positions.
Must push and pull heavy weights while performing work duties.
Must walk around mine premises and plant area to perform daily work.
Must hold and press heavy pieces of equipment and machinery during repairs and/or welding jobs.
Must be alert and coordinated while performing welding and/or related mechanical work.
Must be able to work over or around open water and from work boats, floating pipe lines, dredges,….etc.

May work night shift and extended hours to meet work demands.
Requires high degree of concentration while performing mechanic work and/or repairs.
May work continuously several hours without a break.
May work in small areas and/or confined spaces.
Must stand on hard and sometimes slippery surfaces to perform work task.
Must walk catwalk at high places while performing work duties.
Requires good judgment in completing mechanical jobs.
Skin on hands, arms and face occasionally subject to chemical contact such as grease, oil, mineral, spirits, .. etc.
Must perform some welding work in awkward positions-vertical, horizontal, and over- head positions.
May work quickly to return a piece of equipment to work and have pressure of deadlines and production demands.
May work with different type of outside welding and/or maintenance personnel.
Must stay focused on the work at hand while performing safely.
Other Ergonomics Requirements:

The position of Maintenance Mechanic is a physically demanding job. The functions performed ordinarily involve: extending hands and arms in all directions, holding, grasping, pressing, turning objects using hands, picking, lifting, pinching, or otherwise working with fingers. Most of these work activities are performed from awkward positions that require a lot of physical strength and coordination, including eye coordination. Functions also involve frequent stooping, kneeling, crouching and crawling, bending at waist, bending legs, bending downward, and moving about on hands and knees. Performance of some tasks or operation of equipment may require motor coordination, finger-dexterity, eye-hand-foot coordination and color differentiation.

Other Specifications and Requirements:

Must possess a valid Florida Driver’s license AND meet Insurance driving requirements. CDL is a plus.
Maintenance Mechanic must observe and comply with all Safety policies and procedures.
Complete safety, health and task training.
Assist plant operations and maintenance personnel as required.
Demonstrate safe, productive job performance.
Perform other tasks associated with the job.
Operate other electrical and mechanic tools.
General knowledge of safety, environmental and other federal, state, and local regulations.
General knowledge of the machinery and equipment mechanics.
Complete other assigned training.
Fulfill other jobs as required.
Meet/exceed the company safety standards.
Travel between mine locations will be required.
Depending upon distance, multiple overnight stays may be necessary.

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