Scale House Operator

Posted Date: 2019-03-26

Job Location

4949 Sand Mine Rd
Davenport, FL 33897

Job Description

This position will safely and efficiently process customer trucks thru the mine’s scale, loading and ticketing system to minimize the in-yard times and customer wait times. The employee holding this job must perform the work activities in a professional, correct, accurate and timely fashion. This position will be a floating position between the Mine locations. It will be the employee’s responsibility to travel to each job site.

Job Requirements

  1. Graduation from high school education or GED equivalent
  2. Trade or Technical schooling a plus
  3. Two (2) years of experience relating to and operation of truck scales or top-off unit a plus
  4. Any equivalent combination of education and experience a plus
  5. Ability to speak Spanish (Bilingual) is preferred
  6. Ability to operate various computer programs

Essential Job Responsibilities and Functions:

  • Actively promote E.R. Jahna’s Core Standards of Safety, People, Quality, Delivery and Cost
  • Be a safety and team leader to promote and execute the company’s safety, shipping and H.R. policies
  • Communicate professionally and effectively with truck drivers, customers, and dispatchers
  • Enter customers trucks into load master
  • Effective communication with loader operator(s) to make sure the right product is being loaded
  • Assure that customer trucks have legal gross weights and axle weights before being allowed to leave E.R. Jahna property
  • Maintain and clean scales, scale house and area around scale house
  • Fill out forms to report mechanical problems supervisor
  • Recording of down time, truck driver issues, and actions taken
  • Maintain housekeeping and general maintenance of scale-house area
  • Must stay focused on task despite pressure from the computers, drivers and traffic

Marginal job functions:

  • Replace or assist other workers as needed or directed
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by supervisor or Lead Person

Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Ability to carry out simple oral and written instructions and deal with simple problems
• Ability to perform basic computer functions, Email, word, excel and enter data into load master
• Basic mathematical skills, including basic arithmetic functions and common units of measurements
• Ability to speak and read English to communicate with others and read information contained in manuals, regulations, and reports, including Safety issues and related matters
• Ability to speak Spanish in order to communicate with haulers preferred
• Basic mechanical knowledge to detect potential breakdown of equipment
• High level of attentiveness and physical coordination to operate add on take-off loader safely and productively
• Must have the knowledge to perform technical tasks with the potential to upgrade skills to meet changing job conditions

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