Utility Operator

Posted Date: 2018-02-08

Job Location

8561 W State Route 78
Moore Haven, FL 33471

Job Description

The ability to operate multiple types of heavy mobile equipment in a mining environment. (i.e. Articulated Haul Truck, man-lift, 8+ Cu Yd. Front-end loader, Track Mounted Excavator, Bull Dozer, and Fork-lift to load, lift and transport aggregate materials and/or equipment.) This job interfaces, on a daily basis, with the rest of the operations in this location. The employee holding this job must perform the work activities in a correct, accurate and timely fashion due to the fact that every single work activity in our line of business is crucial for the whole operation. Must have an interest in being cross trained to operate and maintain all mine equipment.

Job Requirements

 Actively promote E.R. Jahna’s Core Values of Safety, Product Quality, Employee Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction and Operational Excellence.
 Responsible for the safe daily operation of all mobile and related equipment.
 Maintain constant radio or phone contact with the mine manager/lead-man to monitor loading equipment operation and to maximize loading productivity & efficiency.
 Performs routine inspection and assists in preventative maintenance on light or heavy mobile related equipment and refers & documents defects or needed repairs to mine manager/lead-man.
 Performs all duties in conformance with appropriate safety, environmental and security standards.

Essential Job Functions

1. Load tractor-trailers and dump trucks and maintain and clean-up stockpile loading areas
2. Push mine tailings or overburden in front of the dredge.
3. Dig or excavate earthen materials as needed
4. Fill out forms to report mechanical problems to mine manager or lead-man
5. Communicate and cooperate with scale house, over the road truckers and customers
6. Record mobile equipment down time and actions taken
7. Fuel and clean the heavy mobile equipment
8. Make or assist in heavy mobile equipment repairs as needed
9. Must have an interest in being cross trained to operate all fixed and mine equipment.

Marginal Job Functions

• Replace or assist other workers as needed or directed

• Perform other tasks as assigned by supervisor or Lead-man.

Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

1. Ability to carry out simple oral and written instructions and deal with simple problems.
2. Ability to perform basic computer functions and use loader bucket scale.
3. Basic mathematical skills, including basic arithmetic functions and common units of measurements.
4. Ability to read English sufficiently to be able to read information contained in manuals, regulations, and reports, including Safety issues and related matters.
5. Ability to speak English and communicate with others via a two-way radio.
6. Basic English language skills for completion of various paperwork such as pre-shift inspections forms.
7. Ability to detect safety hazards and equipment malfunctions and respond accordingly.
8. Lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling and/or moving 50 pounds maximum, with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 25 pounds.
9. Basic mechanical knowledge to detect potential breakdown of equipment.
10. High level of attentiveness and physical coordination to operate heavy mobile equipment safely and productively in heavy traffic areas.

Qualifications & Education Requirements

 High school graduate or GED equivalent
 Five (5+) plus years of experience relating to the operation of heavy mobile equipment is required.
 Military, Trade or Technical schooling related to heavy equipment operation a plus
 A good mechanical aptitude is a plus
 Any equivalent combination of education and experience.

See full Job Description for Physical Demands and additional information.

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