Join the Family

Everyone wants to make a difference. Come join us and not only help build roadways and houses, but build a career and a partnership. It takes more than one individual to fill our stockpiles – it takes a whole team. Together, our employees work hard, look out for each other and get their boots dirty.

At Jahna, we stand behind our reputation and offer a safe environment for you to learn and grow and have satisfaction in a job where you can be more than just a footprint in the sand.

“At E.R. Jahna, you’re not just another number, you’re part of the FAMILY.”

Is your closet filled with steel toe boots instead of loafers?

At Jahna, we offer much more than just a paycheck. We offer you the chance to work for a company that you can take pride in. A company that is contributing to its community and local infrastructure. We value our People and that shows in the benefits we offer.

  • Competitive Pay
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Life and Disability Insurance
  • Discretionary Profit Sharing

  • Health Fairs
  • Employee Referral Policy
  • Cancer and Accident Insurance
  • Paid Vacation

  • Worker’s Comp Coverage
  • Safety Bonuses
  • Bi-Annual Employee Meetings
  • Personal Days

SAFETY is our Commitment

That is the Jahna Standard for Safety and what we hold our employees to each and every day. We look out for each other whether it’s in the office, the shop, or out in the field, safety is our top priority.

Safety is a team effort and with that in mind, we encourage everyone to be a Safety Leader. Creating a safe work environment and culture in which safety is woven into every action and decision has resulted in a stellar safety record. These achievements are no accident. Safe work records result from a group of folks that are always looking out for each other and putting each other’s wellbeing above all else.

“We want to send you home better than the way you came in.” Sam Morrone, President

Do you prefer a safety vest over a suit?

ER Jahna reinforces our commitment to safety with weekly safety meetings at all of our locations and ongoing training. All new hires receive site specific training and all of our programs and policies meet those set as industry standards by MSHA.

Building Better Communities

At ER Jahna, we’re proud to say that we’ve been contributing to our local communities for over half of a century. We strive to recruit locally and provide jobs to help support homegrown economies. Our HR and management team regularly attends local career fairs and community functions in order to find the best, local talent possible.

“Supporting our local communities is a family tradition.” Jim Jahna

Ditch the air conditioning and get some fresh air.

We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty at work and the same goes for in our communities. We know that being a good neighbor requires more than just financial support- but also our time and our passion.

Open Positions

Ready to Get Some Sand in Your Shoes?

Join the Jahna Family and help build a legacy you’ll be proud to leave behind. Fill out an application and submit it to, fax (863)676-9431 or mail to our Corporate Office, ATTN: Human Resources.

*All Applications must be completed in their entirety to be processed.

Employee Testimonials


Parts/Warehouse Team Member Since: 2018

Every day is something new and I am proud to contribute to putting quality sand on the hill. I most enjoy the close bonds I have with other employees and the beautiful scenery of the land. Jahna is different because they care about their employees. I always enjoy talking with the family members and our CEO. The little things they do show that they truly care.


Electrician Team Member Since: 2016

Every day I get to test my skills and get the opportunity to expand my knowledge as an Electrician. I enjoy getting to work with people who have a positive attitude and appreciate the care the company shows their employees by offering competitive wages, health care and other great benefits. At ER Jahna I know I have the opportunity to grow with the company.


Plant Operator Team Member Since: 1997

ER Jahna is a family oriented company that takes care of their employees. I really enjoy all the great people I work with and all the different things I get to do. The company shows that they care about their employees and also offers affordable health insuruance and other benefits.


Dredge Operator Team Member Since: 2019

I enjoy that E.R. Jahna is family oriented. The most important benefits are the 401k and health insurance programs. I would refer anyone, any day, to take a look at working at Jahna!


Utility Operator Team Member Since: 2015

I really appreciate the positive work environment within the company and the relationships that I have built with all of my co-workers. I’m also thankful that safety is the number one priority at Jahna and they are serious about sending employees home in the same or better condition than they came to work.


Payroll/Accounting Team Member Since: 2006

I really can’t say enough good things about this family owned company! From benefits to competitive pay scales and beyond, the owners and upper management really do care about the employees and treat each team member as a family member! Processing payroll for 100+ employees can be quite challenging at times, but very rewarding in that I get to meet almost every new hire. I’ve had the opportunity to have many roles within the company, and I am positive that I will continue to learn and grow and will try to become a more valuable asset to the ER Jahna family!


Lead Person Team Member Since: 1999

Anytime I mentor another employee I want to make sure that they know how to produce a quality product, but more importantly, how to do so safely. The training I do here means something to me – it is the legacy that I leave behind.


Receptionist Team Member Since: 2007

I am ER Jahna Industries’ receptionist and have been with the company since 2007. I am the one who answers your call and tries to get you to the right team member as quickly as possible.

I find satisfaction working for a company that makes a great product that is used to build our roads, bridges, offices, homes and to re-nourish our beaches. I am proud to be employed by a family-owned company that gives back to their community and provides great benefits to their employees.